Nitin Parrée

Jazz Drummer

About me


Jazz music of the 60’s. Names such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Joe Henderson. This time period is for Nitin Parree (1996) one of the most interesting and revolutionary in jazz history. Here all the earlier jazz styles came together and formed what is known as post-bop: hard-bop with free-jazz elements and a lot of individualism. This period of time is where Nitin Parree takes his inspiration from and that got him into jazz music in the first place. Striving for the balance between swing and free-jazz elements is what is most interesting to him.

Nitin Parree is currently pursuing his masters at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and doing his master research about the comping of the drummer of Miles Davis in that time: Tony Williams. Currently, he is taking lessons from Martijn Vink, Mark Schilders and Marcel Serierse. Being an alumni of the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague, Nitin has had lessons from Eric Ineke for over six years and also studied with Stefan Kruger and Felix Schlarmann at the Royal Conservatory.

At 10 years of age he started to play the drums and during his high school years he played in several pop and funk bands. When he was 14 he participated in a masterclass of Peter Guidi were he played swing for the very first time. He got so engaged by the music that he wanted to keep playing jazz and his drumteacher at that time, Paul van Vossen, recommended Eric Ineke as the best jazz teacher around. People like Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams and John Coltrane had an big influence on his playing at the time and still to this day.

In the past Nitin played at festivals such as Jazz in de Gracht, Just Jazz, Cutting Edge, Jazz Culinair Voorburg and the Dakota Jazz Festival